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"I have been using Dr. Wilson’s nutrient formulas for over 30 years and his current energetic infused water sprays are by far the easiest to use and most powerful vitalistic nutrition products I’ve taken and recommended to my patients and family. If you’re looking for the next level of wholistic health support to add to your daily routine, this is it! "No more taking 30 plus capsules a day, 4 to 5 sprays a couple of times a day is all we need" Dr. Rayce Meyers

“I’m 84 years old and I was having a lot of pain and cramping and couldn’t sleep. From the first night with just a few sprays I slept great. I spray every night now. Love this product.” Jan - Retired X-Ray Tech

"This sleep spray is absolutely wonderful! Easy and very effective. Spray and then sleep! Elaine - Retired Insurance Broker

“Dr. Wilson and his team have the ability to produce unique extremely beneficial nutraceuticals that is superseded only by their commitment to improving the human condition; all while maintaining an unprecedented level of humility and integrity.” Mark Winning D.V.M.

“I met Dr. Wilson in 1998. My belief in him and his products are absolute. I’m confident and comfortable with his company and the bright future ahead.” Shawn K Wilson D.D.S.

“In my 35 years of experience, I have never found anything like Dr. Tom's aqueous formulations... My experience is that Dr. Tom and Pamala Wilson are personally as potent and effective as their products. I am confident that the combination of their knowledge, business experience, and products that nobody else has together spell a winning across the board solution for capturing a large percentage of the industry.” Eric Larson Inventor and Machinist

“I would like to express that I have been using Dr. Wilson’s products for over 5 years. I am completely amazed that due to the fact I live a very busy lifestyle, operate a very successful business and burn the candle at both ends every day… I am never sick and I always have energy. I travel and find people always asking how I can be so productive with such a positive attitude…the answer is the exceptional formulation of these natural products provided by Dr. Wilson and his amazing support team that I use on a daily basis.” Dale S. – California

“I look back on it now as a huge challenge. As I was approaching the age 50, I felt my motivation and enthusiasm diminishing along with the desire and interest to pursue goals, not to mention self-esteem and self-confidence. I wondered if life was just downhill from here. After using these products for about 2 years Dr. Wilson introduced me to the Male+ as an assessment product. I’ve been taking them for about 1 year now. I felt a burst of self-confidence and self-esteem within the first few days, which shortly after gave me the capability to have motivation again. It feels so good to pursue goals again.” David – Idaho

“My journey with the BRAIN day and night support started in May 2014. At the time I was living in a stressful place and I relied on the BRAIN products to get me through the day and the night. Upon rising I would take my day support which gave me the strength both physically and mentally to support me and at night I took the night capsules to slow my brain (too much thinking) so that I could sleep. I also had anxiety attacks when driving on the freeway until I started taking a couple of capsules of the night formula 30 minutes before driving. What a difference that made! Today my living situation is better and I no longer have anxiety driving (which is huge) and I am happy, healthy and very grateful. The BRAIN products helped me change my life along with Dr. Wilson’s kindness in so many ways.” Linda - Oregon

“I can’t say enough about ProteinF1RST! It is the best source of protein powder on the market and the only one I have found that isn’t laced with all kinds of other additives (sweeteners, carbs, etc.) to “improve” on what mother nature has provided for us (and animals) to enjoy nutritionally. The perfect ratio of whey and casein is what our human design requires to be able to assimilate and utilize for basic foundational protein nutrition. It makes me feel like a million bucks when I put it in my morning smoothie every day. Sometimes I just can’t get enough of it, probably from having been protein deprived for so many years. Thanks Dr. Wilson, for making this wonder of nature available to us!!” Kathleen – Oregon

“I am so excited to share with you all of the amazing feedback and results of the new skincare line. I have been using the products in the studio and personally for over three months. The results have been nothing short of mind blowing. As an Aesthetician with over 20 years of practice and training by over fifty different skincare companies, I can attest to the never before seen and outstanding effects from your products. I am noticing differences on the client while in treatment in real time. Some of the improvements I have witnessed are: line number and depth reduction, hydration improvement with resulting more depth to tissue, tightness and firmness improvement and near immediate reduction of inflammation in the tissues. Clients are begging literally for the products to take home. They love the textures, the lovely smells and of course the results. You have an incredible product and I can’t wait to get it into the hands of everyone! When I begin to explain the ingredients and the careful thoughtfulness of the formulations, they are even more ready to purchase. This line is truly what the industry is missing and for which it has been asking. Pure real ingredients with real results all without any damage to the skin, only healing and beautifying, puts this new product line in a position to really change the future of skincare.” With much appreciation, Carol E. LE – Oklahoma

“Absolutely surprised by the skin care. My skin feels like velvet and looks so alive. I am in my sixties and my clients said I look 10 years younger. My daughter who is in her twenties was surprised too when she tried the cleanser how gentle but effective it was even on her young skin. Cannot wait and see how my skin is after 3 months of use. The pureness of the moisturizers is easily absorbed. Many thanks.” Marjory - Illinois

“Amazing skin care products. Love them! Love them!” Phyllis – California

“I want to say I love face care products. My skin is so much better and I am not having any more issues with my skin.” Rhonda – Maryland

“From a personal position, you’ve raised me up and put me on top of the mountain with more than just your nutrients; you’re raised my weary soul to believe that there is a God and life is worth being in the moment. Before you and your consideration I was just another one of those beings on the planet living in ruthless pain and fear. At my age it would have been easier to give up and choose the dark way of doing things so that I could just get to the next minute. This last year of my existence has been the greatest year I have ever experienced. The world is crying very loudly for what you have to offer. Our world is ailing in so many ways and we are in need of an earthly hero with a heart.” Marilyn- Redding, CA

I just wanted to share some exciting things about the results Kylee is having with your products. As you know Kylee was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, ADHD and ADD in 2008. At that time we were able to have an IEP set up for her at school. She has had resource intervention for the last 5 yrs. It has helped her to not get more behind but she has had a hard time with test scores and her grades have been really low (C’s and D’s). Focus and organization always seems to be an ongoing battle. She has always had a very difficult time sleeping with nightmares and sleepwalking!I can’t believe what has been happening………..

My beautiful girl is now 13. She had been on the products for 6 months. She just received a Gold Star Honor Roll and Student of the month!

Also, just received a report card for ALL A’s and B’s!

The first student to complete her multiple facts test with perfect score “this has been years of trying to help her memorize them”. I met with the Resource Teacher and she can’t understand what they did differently. She said Kylee is so focused, extremely pleasant and cooperative.

We are all so blessed to be able to have such great results and want to share with all!

Thank you for letting me share and brag about our beautiful Angel.

David and Lorie

Just a little background as to who I was before starting these products. I could safely say that I had an addiction to food - a food junky. I would “have it my way a lot” and the chicken at Hometown Buffet was yummy. My wife kept telling me I should cut down on my portions that I eat, then maybe I could lose some weight. But not me. I was creating a second stomach pouch below the one I already had. It was getting ugly. I know that I had to do something, but what. I told a fellow football official that if I didn’t lose 50 pounds before the football season started that I was not going to officiate. But I did it anyway. I felt like a fat boy, not to mention how I looked, running in pain around the field. I had to by XXL uniforms so they’d fit better or better yet look a little better and not so clingy. I kept asking myself how in the world am I going to get this weight off. Then came an answer to Marjie’s and my prayers – Dr. Wilson’s products.

Before starting my new adventure, I was at 258 pounds and had a waist over 44" and my blood pressure was a little high - 140/90 (and that was a resting BP). My cholesterol numbers were okay.

I have now lost 47 pounds (my happy weight is 208) and I can now fit into 38" pants. I can’t remember the last time I wore 38's. I had my annual physical and my Dr. was amazed at all my numbers. My cholesterol numbers were very good and my BP was 118/72. I think that was the first time I made a doctor happy.

My overall feeling is - I BELIEVE IN THESE PRODUCTS. It has changed my life. I am the “proof in the pudding” you might say. I have people come up to me and say Frank you’ve lost weight, what are you doing? Thank you, Wilsons!

Frank C Redding CA