About Us

Welcome to The Rhythmic Series Line of Life Energy Products.

Evidence is growing daily to validate that the entire human mission has entered a historic period of accelerated innovation and change. These changes will find us living in a future strikingly different from present realities.

Sustainable Futures, Strategies, and Technologies depend upon the physical-culture and personal-health of a population that is awakening to attend to these responsibilities.

In addressing these resource issues, we are redefining and supporting progress for a new era. Our company has a long-term view of humanity’s future and our contribution to the well-being of the individual and the environment will continue to inspire healthy changes for many generations.

We may be new to you, but we are 45 years in creation. Research, development, and respect take time and focused teams to deliver reliable options for those seeking to take the next step towards a better moment, a better day, a better life.

You will find within The Rhythmic Series many discoveries and advanced understandings and exclusive product offerings to build upon the reality that participating in your health is your best security.

We collaborate with nature’s design, concentrating on the patterns of human and environmental potential, while delivering natural products that truthfully supply direction and results.

From The Rhythmic Series Team… Here’s to Health and Happiness for all!

Dr. Thomas Wilson

It all began with a 10-year-old young man (Thomas) and his curiosity for nature’s benevolent design. The why and how questions shadowed him everywhere as he linked and analyzed the relationships of what works in nature and what doesn’t. At age 12, he had the great fortune to travel the world with his parents studying nature’s offerings in relation to the basics of the elements, their timings and rhythms, and the interactions of the cultural manifestations. It was at this early age he made the decision to let his life’s work be defined by his ability to connect dots, share the information, and deliver products in many forms to validate that if you work with Nature - Nature will work with you. He called this principle and body of work Adaptability through Variability™.

Today, as a Chemist, Researcher, Chiropractor, Nutritional Engineer, Herbalist, Educator, Adaptionist™ (the study of Allostasis founded by Dr. Thomas Wilson) and Product Formulator, Dr. Wilson leads several companies with the most advanced, dynamic, efficacious manufacturing processes, clean, solvent FREE delivery methods, and products that supply the required “adaptive” nutrient arrangement for healthy systemic orchestration. After over 45 years of working with patients (performing 1.3 million adjustments), consulting and educating over 300,000 on health and lifestyle, placing into the marketplace 256 products and product systems, and collaboration with some of the best minds in the world, he recognizes the metabolic realities and how it pertains to the present-day nutritional energetic blueprint of humankind.

Dr. Wilson received his pre-doctorate education (chemistry major) at the University of California at Berkeley, attended Palmer College of Chiropractic and earned his doctorate from Western States Chiropractic College. He and his wife Pamala are international travelers and enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative opportunities offered by the planet. Dr. Wilson and Pamala live by the understanding that – delivering the right products, the right message, to the right consumer is living in alignment with Nature.